I often get asked what my favorite line of makeup is.

The honest truth is that I don’t have just one favorite line.

That’s not to say there aren’t stellar companies out there who have excellent products all around. I just don’t believe in prescribing to one in particular, because I feel it limits me as an artist (and as a consumer!). Nowadays, there is so much out there, so many innovative and interesting products, that limiting myself to only one line would be a disservice. And honestly, where one company does highlighters brilliantly, another does lipsticks just as well. I’m a firm believer of finding what works for YOU.

That being said, I thought I would start my blog Jeannieology with a series of blogs where I highlight my Top 5 products from some of my favorite brands.


  1. Fix +: this stuff is a cult favorite and it’s easy to see why. Though it’s often touted as a “setting spray”, it’s actually more of a hydrator for the skin. I often use it before primer and foundation and have more often than not found myself gravitating towards it throughout the day, just to help “refresh my skin”. Plus, it takes away powder residue and helps it to settle into the face.
  2. Lipstick: MAC has one of the biggest range of lipsticks, both in color and formula. You can easily find pretty much anything you would need, whether it’s a bold matte (Lady Danger and Flat Out Fabulous are two of my favorites) or a creamy satin or amplified crème (Faux, Snob, Myth, and Blankety are staples in my kit).
  3. CC Prep and Prime Correctors: these come in 4 different formulas: Illuminate, Recharge, Neutralize, Adjust and have an SPF of 20 (I’m always a fan of SPF in primer; eliminates the need for an extra step of sunscreen). I love the Illuminate on days where my skin needs an extra boost and the Neutralize on any other day. I always have redness somewhere on my face (thanks hormones) and the Neutralize helps to cancel it out A LOT.
  4. Mineralize Skin Finish Powder: These powders are so finely milled, you can touch up with them throughout the day and they DON’T CAKE UP. Personal favorites are Give Me Sun, which is a GORGEOUS bronzer shade for Medium to Dark skin and Sun Power, which is a God-send to warm up darker skin tones.
  5. Paint Pot: I love paint pots for an eyeshadow base and MAC has a wide variety of colors and finishes for every skin tone. Soft Ochre is a great matte base for light to medium skin; it also helps to color correct on the eyelid (especially if you have some redness); Camel Coat is a great matte base for darker skin tones; I also love Constructivist, which is a beautiful dark bronzy metallic shade that is a PERFECT base for a smoky eye.

Stay tuned next week for another Top 5 Favorites!!